Privacy & Policy

In Sanskar Shiksha Sangh organization, personal information of any teacher or student is kept confidential so that there is no problem.

Refund Policy : Sanskar Shiksha Sangh Organization

There is no refund of any kind in Sanskar Shiksha Sangh , this Sanstha takes only portal charge from you which is used as social services.

Terms and Conditions

Sanskar Shiksha Sangh organization does not harm anyone because it supports education, there is no any kind of terms and conditions in this organization. No personal information is shared in this organization.

Student term and conditions ;-

Sanskar Shiksha Sangh free education to the institution students, but to run this institution, students can donate money as charity, or support this institution in other ways, which will make it easier for the institution to provide better education to other students. This organization does not share the personal information of the students with Sanskar Shiksha Sangh Sanstha The main objective of Sanskar Shiksha Sangh Sanstha India is to encourage and provide education. If the student does any illegal activity, the institute will not be responsible for it, the student himself will be responsible or may even be criminal in law.

teachers terms and conditions:-

Sanskar Shiksha Sangh India keeps personal information of registration and login page done by teacher, Aadhaar is confidential and teacher should not share his/her personal information with anyone else. Sanskar Shiksha Sangh India has the right on Teacher Teaching Methodology, Teaching Videos, Sanskar Shiksha Sangh India Foundation has the right not to share it with anyone else. Founder of Education Foundation may make changes at any time, Teachers can not take any objection to these terms and conditions. This is a completely non-governmental organization

Apply Teacher term and conditions:-

Sanskar Shiksha Sangh India who applied for the recruitment is found copying in the online examination or tries to make any illegal selection the applicant will be disqualified and any error found in the applicant's document will be timely applied. If he is not selected due to non-examination or any other reason, he will be responsible at the time of applying. After the selection in the new teacher recruitment, the organization committee will send the joining letter to the new teacher only when the teacher is required. here is complete non-governmental organization.